Programme to deliver the aims of the Black Country ULEV Strategy, in support of the uptake of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles across the Black Country. Involves the installation of public chargepoints on and off highway of varying charging speeds, initially through the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles’ (OZEV) On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS). The strategy includes additional policy aspirations for fleet vehicles, taxis, public transport and planning policy, and consideration of other zero-carbon vehicle technologies.


Accelerated uptake of ULEVs

Carbon reduction

Air quality Improvement



Development and Delivery Timescale:

Ongoing programme, but first delivery through ORCS programme during 2022/2023

Authorities Involved:

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, City of Wolverhampton Council, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

Final Report ULEV Strategy Black Country

Lowering your emissions through innovation in transport and energy infrastructure - 15 May 2020

Black Country ULEV Strategy 2021 Supplement

15 January 2021

Black Country ULEV Vision Roadmap

The Black Country will lead the West Midlands on the road to net-zero by accelerating and amplifying the EV transition in anticipation of a 2030 ban on the sale of conventional vehicles.