• Improve connectivity across the Black Country region
    • Provide access to key employment, education, and leisure locations
    • Reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability
    • Create a transport network that is accessible for all residents
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transport in the area
  • Improve accessibility to active travel infrastructure to boost sustainable travel and connectivity within the Black Country


  • Increase the provision of environmentally friendly transport modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport across the Black Country
  • Identify the most congested roads and develop measures to address high volume routes
  • Work with key partners to access funding opportunities and develop a consistent vision and approach for transport in the Black Country
  • Work with key partners to develop supporting infrastructure, such as providing bus shelters and digital information on when the next bus or train is due, to make public transport more attractive and simpler to use
  • Work with key partners to develop supporting infrastructure for cycling and walking provisions


  • Prioritise collaborative working with key partner organisations and local authorities to ensure we are developing priority projects to improve transport user experience.