Currently a direct motorway link to the M6 north or Toll from the M54 does not exist, therefore regular and heavy goods traffic use local roads such as the A460, traveling through the villages of Shareshill, Hilton and Featherstone. The A460 was not built for the heavy, busy traffic currently using the road. As a result, an excess of congestion, pollution and accidents have been identified. Improving the link between the M54 and the M6 will divert heavy traffic away from local roads, improving the flow of the local network and enhancing the environment for residents.


Improved flow of traffic on A460, A449 and A5 to provide more reliable journey times.

Enhanced facilities for local residents, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

Support economic growth in Wolverhampton and travelling north by improving north-south traffic flows.


£175-200 million

Development and delivery timescale:

Start date- 2021-22, End date- 2024-25

Authorities Involved:

Highways England