Junction 1 of the M5 lies at the motorway’s intersection with the A41 and the A4252 approximately 1.5km to east of West Bromwich town centre. The junction is especially busy with motor traffic every day but especially during peak times where all arms of the junction experience significant levels of delays and congestion. The scheme involves a major capacity improvement to M5, Junction 1. Amongst the options to be considered is increasing the circulatory carriageway, including improving or replacing the bridges over the motorway mainline.

The scheme will provide improved facilities for pedestrians and provision for cyclists which currently do not exist. It is a priority for sustainable transport initiatives involving the reduction of congestion, reduced carbon emissions, reduction of bus journey times and unreliability of bus services and improvements for cycling/walking


Reduce delays and congestion - This will have a positive impact on Black Country businesses whose goods are transported through this junction onto the regional and national networks. It will support growth and increase regeneration opportunities.

Improve bus service reliability - This will assist in improving the attractiveness of buses and contribute to modal shift.

Improve connections either side of the junction and improve pedestrian and cycle links

Safer and more convenient links will reduce the severance effect of the junction and its approaches.

Improve road safety - Improved junction control, lane markings and pedestrian/cycle facilities will reduce the potential for accidents.



Development and Delivery Timescale:

Development 2021-2023, delivery 2023-2026

Authorities Involved:

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and Highways England