The A454 Willenhall Road is an important gateway into the City of Wolverhampton. The corridor is an essential link to the motorway network via M6 Junction 10. The corridor is also a growth area with a number of regeneration projects. The scheme aims to provide access to these opportunities for different types of transport. There are 2 priority focal points for improvement at this time, which has been phased for delivery:

Phases 1 and 2:

Phase 1 and 2 center around improvements that will support different modes of transport. There will be a smoother flow of traffic through improving Middle Cross Junction, Lower Horseley Field, Lower Walsall Street and Walsall Street into a two-lane, one-way system. Improvements on Lower Walsall Street and Walsall Street consist of easing west-bound traffic and linking traffic back into Middle Cross and Bilston Road Island. There will also be a reduction in congestion by improving Hickman Avenue and Old Heath Road Junction.

Phase 3:

This phase focuses on Neachells Lane and the junction. It is a key junction for distributing local freight and logistics traffic and a challenging space for pedestrians and cyclists. Neachells Lane requires significant change to be truly fit for purpose. The project aims to create a signalized roundabout [running around the northern side of the petrol station connecting back into Willenhall Road] with the connecting road through the roundabout remaining for traffic from Moseley Road.


Reduced congestion

Improved journey time reliability

Improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

Address air quality threshold exceedance areas

Improve the connection between Wolverhampton and the motorway and improve the environment for residents in the area.Regeneration opportunities and economic growth due to enhanced connections


Phases 1 and 2: £38m

Phases 3: £16m

Total Cost: £54m

Development and Delivery Timescale:

Development 2021-2024, Deliver 2024-2030

Authorities Involved:

City of Wolverhampton Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, Transport for West Midlands and Midlands Connect